Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt - Outaouais

There’s so much to discover in the Outaouais. This unique crewneck sweatshirt collection highlights each territory of the region through playful characters representing its distinctive features. Proudly wear the design that represents you!
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In the Outaouais, it’s all about making memories and having fun. Each of our territories is rich in treasures, and we invite you to display their uniqueness with this custom collection, 100% designed and made in Quebec.

Gathered around a bonfire, our five characters embody the unifying and inviting side of the Outaouais. Together, they share their favourite memories and describe the unique experiences they’ve had in the region’s four corners. Outaouais is all that!

Who better than a local artist to create this collection? Outaouais-born illustrator Rémi Allen has crafted each design with love!

100% designed and made in Quebec

50% cotton / 50% polyester