Gourmet Breakfast Jam Trio

These jams are like a morning smile. Delicately simmered fruits are lovingly nurtured and are terrific with toast, croissants and yogurt.
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- Pear, Vanilla, Grapefruit 125 ml: This enchanting trio of flavours charms your palate with delicately-seasoned pear, smoothed with essence of vanilla and enlivened with zest of grapefruit. A delicious jam that’s perfect with croissant or plain yogurt. Pears, organic sugar, organic grapefruit, lemon juice, vanilla pod, natural pectin.
- Wild Blueberry & Maple Syrup 125 ml: This gourmet jam juxtaposes the fruity tang of blueberries with the luxuriant richness of maple syrup.This spread is delicious with croissants, Chantilly cream crepes or even a small spoon! Ingredients: Wild blueberries, organic sugar, maple syrup, plums, lemon juice, natural pectin.
- Rose & Wild Raspberry 125 ml: This jelly brings out the subtle flavours of flowers and wild fruits, smoothly delicious and enticing. It is delicious with croissants or bagels and fresh goat cheese. Apples, organic sugar, wild raspberries and rose, lemon juice, natural pectin,