Cheese Companions Jam Trio

Three spreads that flirt with a host of cheeses. Sample the happy pairing of fresh goat cheese, creamy brie or well-aged Gruyere with these lightly spiced jams.
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- Pear, Eau-de-vie, Thyme flower 125 ml: We recommend this spread with a blue cheese, a washed rind or bloomy rind cheese. Ingredients: Pear, organic sugar, apple brandy, lemon juice, natural pectin, thyme flower.
- Peppery Wildberries 125 ml: Made from wild blueberries and elderberries, this jaunty jam asserts its woody-fruity taste with accents of pepper. We recommend this spread with a Gruyere, a goat cheese or a sheep’s milk cheese. Ingredients: Wild blueberries, elderberries, organic sugar, lemon juice, licorice, black pepper, Tasmanian black pepper, natural pectin
- Strawberry & Chinese 5 spices 125 ml: An unexpected surprise awaits as spicy strawberries burst with exotic flavours on your tongue. We recommend this spread with a fresh cheese or a creamy bloomy rind cheese. Ingredients: Pesticide-free strawberries, organic sugar, cranberries, lemon juice, natural pectin, clove, Chinese five spice.