Pouding Chômeur Dish Cloth

Quelle Histoire! - Pouding Chômeur Dish Cloth
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Linen 100% Cotton • 240 threads per inch
Size of the linen: 43 x 75 cm • Size of the image: 29 x 39 cm

The Pouding Chômeur is probably born out of the economic crash of 1929, since there is no mention before the 30s. According to a legend, it is the creation of Georgianna Falardeau, wife of Camillien Houde, then mayor of Montreal. However, no document or testimony supports this thesis.

If we know it today as a white cake baked with a caramel sauce, several recipes are mixed until 1960. They contain sometimes cocoa, sometimes coconut or raisins. The sauce is sometimes absent or served separately. This dessert has even been defined as a bread pudding.