Whisky Stones - Gabbro (6)

Whisky Stones
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Stones 2.5 billion years old from the region of
Chibougamau, Qc, Canada.



Our selection of Gabbro is one of the oldest stones on earth. This stone is characterized by its salt and pepper aesthetics with a predominance of black minerals. The transformation of this stone is done in Quebec.


A walnut case is offered in the Whiskey Stones set. The case is made in Quebec and two coats of a natural-based food grade ECO-SELECTION oil are conferred on it to protect the wood and highlight its noble character.

The set of whiskey stones contains 6 stones of the type of stones mentioned in the description above. In addition, a certificate of the stone chosen and approved by our geologist is offered as a bonus.


1- Rinse with water and / or with a little soap before consuming.
2- Put the whiskey stones in the freezer only when they are completely dry. Put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
3 - Carefully put 2 to 3 stones in the bottom of a whiskey glass. Then pour 2 to 3 oz of your strong brown alcohol choice.4- Eat your favorite brown alcohol without altering the taste!


Keep out of the carry of children.
Do not consume the stones.
Consume alcohol responsibly
Stones approved by the FDA.