Whisky Stones - Dark Granulite Hornblende (4)

Whisky Stones
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Dark granulite Hornblende (4) with Walnut case

940-million-year-old stones from the Trois-Rivières area, Qc, Canada.



This stone comes from the time of the earth when the continent America was formed.
This stone is characteristic of a deep black and finely crystalline with some inclusions Hornblende a dark green translucent and bursts of coppery colors. The transformation of this stone is done in Quebec.


A walnut case is offered in the Whiskey Stones set. The case is made in Quebec and two coats of a natural-based food-grade ECO-SELECTION oil are conferred on it to protect the wood and highlight its noble character.

The set of whiskey stones contains 6 stones of the type of stones mentioned in the description above. In addition, a certificate of the stone chosen and approved by our geologist is offered as a bonus.


1- Rinse with water and / or with a little soap before consuming.
2- Put the whiskey stones in the freezer only when they are completely dry. Put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
3 - Carefully put 2 to 3 stones in the bottom of a whiskey glass. Then pour 2 to 3 oz of your strong brown alcohol choice.4- Eat your favorite brown alcohol without altering the taste!


Keep out of the carry of children.
Do not consume the stones.
Consume alcohol responsibly
Stones approved by the FDA.