Ancestral Seed Booklet - Quebec Varieties #2

Quebec's food heritage is full of flavors that most of us have never tasted and stories that few have heard.
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The Oka melon, related to the popular Montreal melon, and the Norfolk spinach clearly show that the Church has had an influence even on the plates of the generations that have preceded us. It is indeed thanks to religious communities that we can now enjoy these varieties. But the inhabitants of the province also participated in the creation and survival of certain plants, such as the Thibodeau bean and the Mon Plaisir tomato, the source of which can be traced to families here. This booklet opens a small window on four vegetable plants that have their origins in our territory.

The seeds were grown in Montreal by the seed company Terre Promise without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and were harvested and selected by hand. They are free of rights and reproducible.