Spices Blend - Organic Spicy Chili Crunch

If you’re looking to add serious oomph to your dishes, our Organic Spicy Chili Crunch is a delicious way to get it done.
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Infuse this red-hot garlicky mixture in sesame oil, then ladle it over rice bowls, noodle dishes and on top of veggies. Brunch lovers, try frying your eggs in this for a perfectly crunchy and irresistible experience. So good, you might even catch yourself devouring it by the spoonful (no judgement).

Ingredients: *Onion, *garlic, *red bell pepper, *sesame seeds (white and black), *spices, *coconut sugar, sea salt, *tamari powder (*tamari sauce [*soybeans, salt], *maltodextrin, salt), *toasted sesame oil. Contains: Sesame, Soy (*organic).