Savoir Faire

Language: French
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 280
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Stories, tools and wisdom from our grandparents

Gestures repeated a thousand times, valuable advice, wisdom anchored in the present, Savoir faire lists the knowledge of grandparents who have the unsuspected potential to equip them for the future. Resulting from a collaboration between BESIDE and Éditions Cardinal, this beautiful book, illustrated by documentary photographs and lively and graphic illustrations, is much more than a practical guide, it is a helping hand between generations.

From urban courtyards to the vast countryside of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, award-winning journalist and holder of a master's degree in gerontology Eugénie Emond meets elders who pass on some of their knowledge.

Savoir faire offers 20 fascinating, touching and colorful portraits that teach you how to sharpen a knife, string wood, sew a quilt, make country soap and much more. He gives a voice to a generation that has so much to share.