Discovery Box - Dream Catcher

Discover the indigenous culture with this discovery box that will give you an authentic experience, by making your own dream catcher and performing a purification ritual, according to ancestral traditions.
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Dreamcatchers are hung in specific places to encourage good dreams: above the bed, in the car, at the office, and especially in a child’s room! In keeping with tradition, a feather is placed in the dream catcher, as it symbolizes breathing of air, essential to life.


This box includes :

  • The legend of the dream catcher
  • All materials needed to make a dream catcher
  • A bag of Labrador or Wintergreen herbal tea (depending on availability)
  • A mixture of cedar and sage to perform a purification ritual
  • An instruction sheet


Warning: All herbal teas are not recommended for pregnant women and children under six years old.